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Open Thread: Game 3 - A's vs. Red Sox

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It's Opening Day!!! Again!!! What's different this time? For one thing, the game is at 7:00pm PDT instead of the more traditional 3:00am PDT. For another, the rosters are at 25 players instead of the customary 28. And in a genuine coup, the A's have managed to score a clubhouse with over 27 square feet of floor space.

The rest is just "same old same old," with the A's playing the Red Sox, Joe Blanton facing Dice-K, and "Denorfia being Denorfia" - honestly, if he didn't OPS .600 would his teammates even put up with him?

Enjoy this game, because if you work days and sleep nights tonight's is the only one of the first four regular season games that is actually available in a fan-friendly format.

Tonight's "fun fact": The A's #1-#2 starters (Blanton, Harden) will start 6 of the team's first 9 games, while the Angels' #1-#2 starters (Lackey, Escobar) will start 0 of the team's first 9 games.