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Open Game Thread: Game 18 - A's vs. Royals

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The A's look to snap a three-game losing streak tonight as they host the Royals at 7:05 p.m. in the series opener.

It won't be an enviable matchup for a team trying to snap a losing streak.  The A's will throw Chad Gaudin, who has reminded us of his second half of '07 in his first two starts of '08 (7.20 ERA and 1.70 WHIP).

The Royals will counter with Brian Bannister, arguably the game's most dominant pitcher in the first two weeks of the season (3-0, 0.86 ERA, 10 hits in 21 innings pitched).

Bannister's a very interesting pitcher - you can read about him in my favorite interview I've ever read of a player here and here and here, a 3-part series at MLBtraderumors. That interview, and the revelation that he intends to test some sabermetric hypotheses of his own this season with his pitching, granted him cult status online and led to other interviews.  It turns out the offseason attention was a harbinger of things to come. 

Other tidbits: 

*Mike Sweeney plays his first game against his former team today after 13 years with the Royals.

*Royals slugger Billy Butler turns 22 years old today.

*The A's have made an error in 10 straight games.