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Open Thread: Game 17 - A's vs. Mariners

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The last time Lenny DiNardo started a game for the A's, Oakland notched its fifth straight victory, and the offense tallied seven runs, in a 7-3 win over the Tribe. But in the ensuing five days, the A's offense has been unable to score more than two runs, alternating 1s with 2s, and losing three of four contests. As DiNardo heads back to the mound against the Mariners and the so-far undefeated Carlos Silva, he hopes he can bring the A's offense back with him.


Their 2008 Seattle Mariners

Ichiro (CF)
Lopez (2B)
Ibañez (LF)
Beltre (3B)
Vidro (DH)
Norton (1B)
Johjima (C)
Bloomquist (RF)
Betancourt (SS)

Your 2008 Oakland Athletics
Buck (RF)
Ellis (2B)
Barton (1B)
Cust (DH)
Brown (LF)
Crosby (SS)
Sweeney (CF)
Suzuki (C)
Hannahan (3B)