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Open Thread: Game 16 - A's vs. Mariners

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Today's secret number is "229"...2.29 is Felix Hernandez' career ERA against the A's, and .229 is the A's career batting average against "The man who would be King if he pitched like this against everyone". Oakland counters with Joe Blanton, who has yet to let the A's down in his efforts to impersonate a #1 starter.

Trying to rediscover their 2007 form will be Jacks Cust and Hannahan, back in the lineup after resting while the A's saw a spate of left-handed starters. The lineups:

Ichiro – CF
Lopez – 2B
Ibañez – LF
Beltre – 3B
Vidro – DH
Sexson – 1B
Wilkerson – RF
Johjima – C
Betancourt – SS

Buck – RF
Ellis – 2B
Barton – 1B
G. Sweeney – DH
Cust – LF
Crosby – SS
B. Sweeney – CF
Suzuki – C
Hannahan – 3B