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A's Fail To Show Up In Day Game

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Well, on a day when every Athletic wore the number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson, the A's failed to extract any magic out of the number; in fact, they didn't really show up in the game until a token appearance in the 9th, putting a run on the board just for fun.

Starter Dana Eveland was shaky from the get-go, even if he didn’t surrender a run until the bottom of the fourth, when he opened by hitting Konerko and walking Crede. Quentin promptly hit a three run homerun to seal the game for the White Sox.

It’s hard to say what exactly caused Eveland to fall apart, but aside from the first inning, he just never looked comfortable. It could have been the cold, or the wind, or the moisture in the air, but the speculation was that Eveland just couldn’t feel the ball like he should. In addition, I imagine it is increasingly difficult to pitch with the mindset of ‘I can’t give up a run’. The A’s offense struggled mightily yet again, and did not give their pitcher any support.

The bullpen was the lone bright spot today, as the combination of Devine and Saarloos (welcome back!) kept the White Sox from further damage, but it was too little, too late for today's game.

The A’s made their customary errors today, courtesy of Crosby, and earlier in the inning, Murphy, who got an out on a liner, then trying to get the DP, threw the ball away, and it ended up costing the A’s a run they couldn’t afford. Oh, who am I kidding...more than a one-run deficit would have done the A’s in today.

Despite the fact that the A's lead the majors in double plays, their defense still looks awfully shaky, but I guess if everything was going to fall apart, it had better all be in one game. The A's hitters, for the most part, look lost at the plate, and we can only hope this turns around. I'd like to go back to Toronto, personally.

Chalk it up to a loss, and forget about it, as the A's go home to face Seattle tomorrow night, having completed a wildly successful road trip, going 6-2.

And here is a great read from the minors that got buried with the early game time.