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Open Game Thread: Game 15 - A's at Chicago

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Well, for the fourth consecutive series this young season, the A’s find themselves in a position for a series sweep, having taken two out of three from Cleveland twice, successfully completing the sweep of Toronto, and winning the nail-biting opener last night. Today, we see them face off with the White Sox again in the conclusion of this brief Chicago series.

The A’s young arms keep rolling, as Dana Eveland takes the hill this morning in his third start with the A’s; sporting a win and an obscene 0.68 ERA in his two previous outings. He will be facing LHP John Danks, who got the win in his only career start against Oakland.

It looks like it is still to cold to risk Ryan Sweeney and his tender quad, so Brown and Denorfia are in the lineup, Murphy is playing third again in place of Hannahan, and Jack Cust, who missed yesterday’s game against the tough Buehrle, is somewhat suspiciously missing from the lineup (unless you don't believe the 'no platoon' comment from Geren).

Let’s see if the A’s can keep the momentum rolling this morning. And in a rare gift, Thome is serving a one-game suspension today, so he is out of the lineup.


White Sox:

Swisher, 1B
Cabrera, SS
Dye, RF
Konerko, DH
Crede, 3B
Quentin, LF
Ramirez, CF
Ozuna, 2B
Hall, C

Your 2008 Oakland Athletics:

Buck, RF
Ellis, 2B
Barton, 1B
Sweeney, M, DH
Brown, E, LF
Crosby, SS
Suzuki, C
Denorfia, CF
Murphy, 3B