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Fernando Hernandez DFA, Cap'n Kirk recalled

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As intimated by LogicRules intimated in his diary, Fernando Hernandez has been D'dFA and Kirk Saarloos has been recalled.

Slusser confirms over at The Drumbeat:

Hernandez had two rough outings on this trip, including allowing four runs at Cleveland on Sunday, and with the A's needing more depth in the bullpen, the right-hander was designated for assignment today and right-hander Kirk Saarloos was called up. Saarloos, a former 10-game winner for the A's and a clubhouse favorite, will be the long man for now.

Hernandez must go through waivers and if he clears, he must be offered back to the White Sox, and they can take him back for $25,000 if they choose. A's assistant GM David Forst said if Hernandez clears waivers, Oakland will have some talks with the White Sox, which means the team might be open to swinging a deal with Chicago to keep Hernandez.


Anyone have the pic of Kirk with the mouse?