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Open Game Thread: Game 14 - A's at Chicago

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The A's and Greg Smith with a no record and a 3.00 ERA take on Nick Swisher and the Chicago White Sox. John Danks with an 0-1 record and an 8.00 ERA gets the start for the Sox.

Smith had a bit of a shaky beginning to his first outing against Toronto where he looked like he was going to get smacked around. But he was able to turn it around and pitch very well. Smith almost made the team out of spring training, but the A's didn't need him, so he basically became the River Cats opening game starter. With the A's injury issues, he quickly made his way back up. We'll see how Smith does a second time out against the team that has scored more runs than any other team in the AL so far.

I mentioned this in my Wet Blanket post, but the A's have had a pretty tough opening schedule to start this season and they've done pretty well during this stretch. Let's just hope it continues tonight on the South Side. Lineups will be posted very soon.

Oh and if you're looking for Swisher, he's wearing number 30 now and is sporting an ugly blond soul patch. Seems about right.

LET'S GO A'S!!!!!!