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Open Game Thread: Game 13 - A's vs. Indians

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UPDATE: The start of the game has been delayed due to cold and threat of snow. Word from the radio broadcast is that we're set for a 10:50 a.m. PT start.

This is why I live in California.

Once again, we have three antagonists going at it today in Cleveland: the A's, the Indians, and Mother Nature.

We also have two starting pitchers trying to move in different directions: the Indians' Cliff Lee tries to repeat his bafflement of the A's from a week ago, while Chad Gaudin looks to shake off his ineffective first start against the Jays.

The A's start Mike Sweeney and Emil Brown against Lee again; and, despite Lee's lack of an appreciable L/R split, Cust gets a well-advised day off. Denorfia starts in CF to continue the righty-heavy approach and, presumably, to give RSweeney more time to rest his quad.

Key matchup for Gaudin: Pronk Hafner. Fortunately, Hafner has never singled off of Gaudin.

Unfortunately, in 7 ABs, Hafner has two doubles and two homeruns off Chad.



Buck RF

Ellis 2B

Barton 1B

MSweeney DH

Brown LF

Crosby SS

Murphy 3B

Suzuki C

Denorfia CF


Sizemore CF

Dellucci LF

Hafner DH

Martinez C

Pherhalhtha SS

Garko 1B

Gutierrez RF

Carroll 2B

Marte 3B