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Winning pretty ... then ugly ... then pretty again: A's 9, Indians 7, AccuWeather 1

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Rarely does a win feel as bad as that.

The A's stomped out to a big lead against C.C. Sabathia and a couple Indians relievers, taking a 9-1 lead on the strength of a whole lot more doubles, and more excellent PAs by Bobby Crosby (3/3, 2 BBs).

Then Joe Blanton and Fernando Hernandez started to go all Margaret Hamilton in the 8th inning as the Lake Effect struck, with the Indians tallying 6 runs before heavy rains, Santiago Casilla, and Huston Street interceded. Street came on and retired David Dellucci (though not before WP'ing in the Tribe's 6th run of the inning) to choke off the interminable 8th. Then Street did some of his smoothest and most effective pitching of the young season in shutting down the Indians in the 9th.

The weather report doesn't look good for the rest of the weekend, so let's feel fortunate to have squeegeed a W off the tarp tonight.

Tomorrow, Pecs DiNardo gets his first start of the season, in place of some guy whose name I just can't recall.