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Slusser: Devine up? Harden to DL?

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Susan Slusser reports on the Drumbeat that she's peeked at tonight's lineup card, and that:

Joey Devine's name is written in the bullpen portion of the A's lineup card for tonight's game, though the left-handed reliever wasn't yet in the Oakland clubhouse.

Slusser speculates that Harden may be DL'ed to make room for Devine, with Pecs DiNardo starting in lieu of Harden.

Her final caveats:

There aren't any other injuries I'm aware of that would involve the A's bringing up a pitcher, but nothing has been announced and no one is around to provide an explanation. I'm sure it will all become clear in the next hour or two.

Update by baseballgirl: Harden will be (or has been) placed on the DL. I'm shocked. Wouldn't be the first time the A's led a 'day-to-day' into a DL stint.