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Open Thread: Game 10 - A's vs. Toronto

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Well, despite the other shoe dropping rather predictably, as both Duchscherer and Harden fail to make it much past the first week of the season before they both land on the DL (note to A's PR: We may have bought your 'day-to-day' line a few years ago, but no one believes nor trusts your injury reports anymore), the A’s have rebounded from their shaky start, have now taken 4 of the last 5 games, and will try again for a series sweep this afternoon.

We’re all holding our breath right now, as we head into the second start for most of our pitchers. The A’s 2008 starting pitching debuts have been phenomenal so far (with the exception of a still-rehabbing Gaudin), but how are they going to look during start 2; start 10, start 15? And can the offense play with the rest of the league, after its mixed reviews so far? Has Bobby Crosby turned a corner? Will he make me write a huge apology?

We're about to find out. Dana Eveland makes his second start tonight, and if he's even half as good as he was during his last outing, it will be a success. He will be facing Shaun Marcum.



Eckstein, SS
Stewart, LF
Rios, RF
Vells, V, CF
Thomas, DH
Hill, 2B
Overbay, 1B
Barajas, C
Scutaro, 3B

Your 2008 Oakland Athletics!:

Buck, RF
Ellis, 2B
Barton, 1B
Sweeney, M, DH
Cust, LF
Crosby, SS
Hannahan, 3B
Suzuki, C
Sweeney, R, CF