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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 11 - A's vs. Brewers

This is precisely why I generally ignore 99% of the "results" of spring training.

To me, paying attention to anything except anecdotal, descriptive first- or second-hand accounts of knowledgeable folks watching the players (hey, Dogfather, howzabout a diary with your observations?) is like watching Yves Saint Laurent wash his underwear or Marlon Brando do "visualization" exercises in a darkened, empty theater. (OK, fair 'nuff: this year's A's promise to be more along the lines of Antoine Bugleboy and Frankie Muniz.)

Ennyhoo, for those of you who disagree with me and are still reading, the A's host the Brewers at Papago at 1:05 Fremont time -- have at it. Wake me up when the A's arrive in Tokyo.