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Open Thread: Game 10 - A's vs. Cubs

It's "split squad" day in the Cactus league and that means lineups like the one Ken Korach just previewed on the broadcast: One where the most recognizable name in the Cubs' lineup is Ryan Theriot. Egads. "Don't let Ryan Theriot beat you!" No, doesn't trip off the tongue. Sounds like Rich Harden should be able to dominate, even if he only throws his fastball and splitter and does it with his left arm...He's matched up against Sean Marshall, while in the other game against Seattle, it's Justin Duchscherer against Jarrod Washburn.

The lineups for the A's-Cubs game:

Theriot – SS
Figueroa – 2B
Murton – RF
Ward – DH
Fox – 1B
Kroeger – CF
Cintron – 3B
Fuld – LF
Blanco – C

Buck – RF
Ellis – 2B
Cust – DH
Crosby – SS
Johnson – 1B
R. Sweeney – CF
Suzuki – C
Linden – LF
Hannahan – 3B