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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 9 - A's vs. Giants

Two young pitchers look to stake their claim to a spot in their respective teams' rotations today as Dana Eveland matches up against the Giants' Kevin Correia at 12:05.

On Thursday the A's improved to 6-2 this spring with a 2-1 win over the Cubs, backed by the strong pitching of Greg Smith and Gio Gonzalez.

Can Eveland match their efforts with a strong one of his own today? Will Mike Sweeney (8-for-16 this spring) and Dan Johnson (3-for-19) continue moving in opposite directions?

As Spring Training moves into full swing, seemingly every Athletic still has something to prove, making these A's games more meaningful than the ones being played in other camps.

The lineups aren't up just yet, but if anyone gets a chance to post them, please do!