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Feast or Famine - Run Support

Well, the A's dropped 15 runs on San Diego today, making this the third time in seven games that the A's have tacked double-digit runs on the board. I won't mention that in their two losses, they only scored one run, because let's face it; the offense is much more fun to talk about when it is doing the job. I'm not sure any of this (including the A's 5-2 record) will translate over to real baseball, but it's fun now.

Lenny DiNardo pitched fairly well today, throwing three innings while getting touched for four hits and one run. Dallas Braden threw his three innings immediately afterwards, allowing two hits and one run. Street had a shaky inning thrown in there too.

Obviously the offense was great; highlighted by Mike Sweeney's 3-3 with 3 runs and 3-RBIs day. Bowen also had a 3 hit day, while Linden, Baisley, Brown, and Conrad all had 2 hits.

Crosby started the game, but was pulled in the fourth; whether for rest or injury is yet to be determined.

But what no one is talking about, and they SHOULD be is the following:


Daric Barton, the rookie who's projected as the A's starting first baseman this season, has missed the last four games with soreness on the side of his left hand.

Barton, 22, said that it was diagnosed as a repetition injury from taking too many swings with the bat so early in Spring Training.

And so it continues...