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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 7 - A's vs. Padres

After yesterday’s encouraging start by Joe Blanton, who will only have three more starts before the A’s pack up and leave for Japan, it looks like we can be tentatively optimistic for the start of the season, at least for our opening day starting pitcher.

Other dubious signs of optimism were Keith Foulke throwing to batters for the first time this spring and the rumor that Crosby has stopped back-spasming and will return to today’s lineup against the Padres. Lenny DiNardo, who is trying to make the A’s rotation out of Spring Training (and I believe the A’s don’t need a fifth starter until a couple of weeks into the season), will make the start for the green and gold today against Randy Wolf.

Stay tuned to AN for all the latest play-by-play of today’s game, which starts at 12:05 (Pacific Time).