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Open Game Thread: Spring Training Game 5 - A's vs. Angels

AN, brace yourself. King Richard returns to the hill today. And a nation will hold its collective breath.

Harden takes on the Angels at Tempe Diablo Stadium as the A's look to stay on top of the coveted Cactus League standings. Heh. We've got to take the small victories where we can get them. We haven't seen Harden start a game since July 7, 2007. You have to figure that there's a ton of pressure on Harden this season because he came out saying that he managed his own health this offseason. So either he stays on the mound, or he's not going to have anyone to pin the blame on but himself.

Harden faces off against Joe Saunders of the Angels. And just like when the A's took on the Giants the other day and the game is meaningless, I still want the Athletics to kick Halo booty.

LET'S GO A'S!!!!!