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Breaking News - CarGon to AAA

As per Ken Korach on the radio broadcast, Carlos Gonzalez, Jeff Fiorentino and Dallas Braden were just optioned to Triple-A Sacramento! That should put those rumors to rest. And oh yeah, the A's just beat the Giants 6-2 on the strength of a strong starting performance by Justin Duchscherer (6 innings, 1 run, 2 K's, 1 BB), a 2-run homer by Emil Brown and a series of defensive gaffes by the Giants that led to three un-earned runs in the bottom of the 6th.

But the big story is, the A's 25-man roster for Opening Day now looks like this:

SP - Blanton

SP - Harden

SP - Duke

SP - Eveland

RP - Street

RP - Foulke

RP - Embree

RP - Brown

RP - Casilla

RP - Hernandez

RP - DiNardo

RF - Buck

CF - Denorfia

LF - Brown

1B - Barton

2B - Ellis

SS - Crosby

3B - Hannahan

C - Suzuki

DH - Cust

INF - Murphy


INF - M Sweeney

OF - R Sweeney

C - Bowen

Gaudin & Chavez to start the regular season on the DL.