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Open Game Thread: Spring Training Game 4 - A's vs. Rockies

Well, we seem to have discovered another minor AN 3.0 bug: every time I try to enter the name of the Rockies shortstop in HTML mode, it keeps switching to TULOWYSIWYG mode. Not sure what's up with that.

OK, sorry about that one. Hey, it's spring training for us, too. I need to get my punning muscles limbered up.

Speaking of which, you folks aren't off the hook either. Today's drill: try to stretch the limits of the new AN 3.0 threading platform. I want to see lots of posts, replies, and tangential discussions in the game thread today. Remember, it's spring training: wins and losses in individual arguments don't matter—it's all about getting yourself ready to be in game shape, and we have less time than usual this spring.

Today we get our first look at Dana Eveland, the allegedly Blanton/Wells-esque lefty acquired from the D-Backs in the Haren deal. Josh Towers starts for the Rockies.