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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 17? 17.5? 18? 19? - A's vs. Rangers

OK, I give up -- how does one count split-squad games?

I guess my solution would be ... to just not count them at all.

(If you do want to start counting things, I'd suggest starting at "1" for the first 2008 appearance in print of "more serious than ... originally thought" with regard to an A's injury.)

So, here we are at A's 2008 Spring Training game N, with the A's hosting the Rangers, Gio Gonzalez (aka "GioGolo") vs. Sidney Ponson. Sidney Ponson? Jeez, the Rangers really are going to suck this year. Interesting to see that the A's are giving Sweeney a look in center today, and Conrad at second.



Kinsler 2B
Mench LF
Young SS
Hamilton DH
Byrd RF
Blalock 3B
Murphy CF
Broussard 1B
Laird C


Denorfia LF
Barton 1B
Brown RF
Cust DH
Sweeney R CF
Hannahan 3B
Murphy SS
Bowen C
Conrad 2B