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Open Thread: Game 16 - A's vs. Gidres & Podants

UPDATE, 1:25 PDT - John Lackey left his start today with a strained right triceps and will miss at least a month of the season. Combined with Kelvim Escobar's injury problems, this could be huge.

It's Split Sad Squatterday!!! Through a miracle known in Science (and Trout Magazine) as fission, the A's - despite beginning the day as one single organism - are managing to host the Giants while they visit the Padres. It's truly incredulous, to the point where I am rendered incredible.

The starting lineups currently look like this:

Bucknorfia - CF
Ellilo - 2B
Cussweeny - DH
Chavannahan - 3B

You know, maybe I'll wait for the real ones. Stay tuned.

OK, here we go...In the A's-Giants game, Henry Rodriguez takes the mound for his first starting effort, with this lineup behind him:

Ellis – 2B
Barton – 1B
Crosby – SS
Cust – DH
Murphy – 3B
Suzuki – C
R. Sweeney – CF
Linden – RF
Fiorentino – LF

In the A's-Padres game, Lenny DiNardo takes the mound with this lineup behind him:

Denorfia – CF
Buck – RF
M. Sweeney – DH
E. Brown – LF
Johnson – 1B
Bowen – C
Hannahan – 3B
Conrad – 2B
Petit – SS