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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 14 - A's vs. Diamondbacks

The A's shortened Spring rolls merrily along, as A's leftie Dana Eveland (acquired by Oakland in the Dan Haren trade) takes the mound, facing his former team. Doug Davis will make the start for the D-backs.

It will be interesting for me (who normally has limited interest in the National League) this year; there are a few Diamondbacks players who I still keep an eye on.



Ellis, 2b
Barton, 1B
Sweeney, M DH
Cust, LF
Brown, E RF
Crosby, SS
Gonzalez, C CF
Suzuki, C
Murphy, 3B


Young, CF
Hudson, DH
Byrnes, LF
Jackson, 1B
Reynolds, 3B
Upton, RF
Drew, SS
Hammock, C
Bonifacio, 2B