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Open Thread: Game 13 - A's vs. Cubs

Spring Training often isn't so much about watching teams as it is about watching certain players, so perhaps the most notable aspect of today's game is that lefty Greg Smith, the least electric but most polished return in the Dan Haren trade, takes the mound against Cubs ace Carlos Zambrano. Smith's strong showing so far this spring has put him in contention for the #5 spot (or, if you're a health skeptic, the #2 spot) in the rotation.

Other dark horses making this week especially interesting include Todd Linden, whose is batting .714 with the lumber (perhaps less so with the mouth) and Brooks Conrad, who is batting only .462 but hasn't raised any questions on any AN fanposts on whether he might be a clubhouse cancer, leukemia, gout, scurvy, jaundice, or even goiter

They like me to teach right about mid-day (those bastards), so someone else will have to post the lineups.