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A's Lose 5-4; Barton Goes Yard

The A's are now 0-2 against the hated Halos this spring. Today was courtesy of Alan Embree who was the gasoline on the Angels comeback fire today.

It's interesting that Foulke didn't get in the game today. I didn't hear that there was anything wrong on the web cast, but I might have missed it because I had to do a conference call. Maybe someone else can fill me in? Was his appearance just scrapped or did he suffer some recurrence of his injury?

Any way, Daric Barton finally got his first spring training hit and it was a three-run bomb. The good news is that the A's pitching looked pretty good outside of Embree and it was against the Angels "A" lineup, if you will. Braden has pitched pretty well so far this spring and I know that the A's front office still likes Dallas quite a bit.

The fifth starter battle is quite intriguing. The thing is, I imagine that the A's will wind up needing a bunch of these guys throughout the year, especially given Gaudin, Duke and Harden's recent injury problems.