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Open Game Thread: Spring Training Game 3 - A's vs. Giants

The A's and Giants go at it today with the A's sending Greg Smith, who came over as a part of the Haren bounty, to the mound to face former Athletic and really overpaid Giant Barry Zito.

Yeah, yeah, I know it's spring training, but I do want the A's to beat the crap out of Zito whenever possible.

This also happens to be the first game on the radio airwaves in the Bay Area. The A's have played two games so far this spring. Both against the Brewers, blowing the Brewers out one game and getting blown out in the first game as tends to happen in Arizona.

And apparently Eric Chavez's status for the opener is in doubt. I would seriously consider leaving Chavez home any way. Who needs a guy who had three surgeries this past offseason and already needs an epidural sitting on a plane for 12 hours?

LET'S GO A'S!!!!