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Kinzer Announces "Final Four" Without "Mystery Team"

So Rafael Furcal's agent has decided that mystery is overrated and has announced that four teams are still in the mix for Furcal: the A's, the Dodgers, the Blue Jays, and the Royals. A few thoughts if these are indeed the teams still vying for Furcal's services:

That list would suggest the A's still as front-runners, because the Dodgers haven't shown any more interest in a three-year commitment than they did in a four-year commitment - in fact their interest, since Furcal first announced what he was looking for, has been tepid at best. The Jays and Royals don't appear likely to bid high, meaning that if it's now a question of who will make the best three-year offer, I'd bet on Oakland to be able to come in with the best offer financially.

It's interesting that the Royals are in the mix, in that they have a SS, Mike Aviles, who had a terrific 2008 season (word is if the Royals signed Furcal, Aviles would move over to 2B). Granted he came out of nowhere and is almost Furcal's age, but SS is not among KC's biggest holes at the moment. That may speak more to how many holes KC has than how good Aviles is, but still - are the Royals going to go all out to take a chance on Furcal when they have other needs that are more pressing?

No Twins, no Indians, just, according to Paul Kinzer, three teams with less reason and resources to sign Furcal than the A's have...and the A's. Interesting.