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Francisco Rodriguez No Longer an Angel, Signs with New York Mets

A's fans, I know we weep today because we will no longer have Francisco Rodriguez to face in an Angels uniform.  After setting the single-season record for most saves, Goggle-Rod has officially signed with the New York Mets.

So no more sulk offs.  No more Klown Power.  It's over.  Our glorious memories off Francisco Rodriguez are over.

At the same time, we no longer have to watch the fool act like an idiot every time he gets a save or point to the sky when someone launches a deep drive to the outfield as though it's just a mere pop-up.

I think the Angels will actually be fine.  Someplace where they are not hurting is the bullpen with Shields there and Arredondo there.  And I kind of wish K-Rod was still around because I really think that he's going to get hurt sooner rather than later.  It would've been nice to have had the Angels tie up a bunch of money on an injury liability.

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