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Spring Training, Anyone?

For the first time in the ten years since I moved to Los Angeles, the city is abuzz with Spring Training news and planning, despite the recent economic crunch. And for good reason too; the Los Angeles Dodgers have moved from Vero Beach, FL to Glendale, AZ and even though tickets are not on sale for the games yet, the Dodgers expect to open their 2009 campaign on the west side of the U.S. this year.

Anticipating the mad rush to book the LAX/Phoenix flight, I was forced to make Spring Training plans early.

I love Spring Training. It is truly one of the highlights of the season for me; a chance to see the new A's team up close and personal; to get great seats for $20-ish a ticket, along with the possibility of a chance meeting with any number of Major League Baseball players in a favorite restaurant.

It's a relaxed atmosphere where you are likely to see A's players, management, and broadcasters milling about; where hopes of the upcoming season are high, and excitement is in the air. Could this be the team? Will these be the players?

I know that some ANers have picked the second weekend in March as their Spring Training vacation, so if you are looking for some AN friends, feel free to respond in this thread. Likewise, if you are looking for a weekend to go, I'd recommend that one. A's home tickets went on sale in November, and many other parks will go on sale in the upcoming two weeks, including (I'm assuming) the brand-new Dodgers Spring Training Stadium.

So let's talk about Spring Training. Favorite restaurants, favorite parks, best seats, favorite players. Let's get ready for 2009!