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The Forgotten Division - Your AL Central

Until someone makes another move, I'm tired of talking about the AL West and you can't turn on ESPN without hearing about the AL East. Or so I've heard from people who actually turn on ESPN.

Remember this time last year, when the Tigers and Indians were going to be battling it out for the AL Central crown? How in hindsight, it was clear they weren't but so few of us saw things as they really would be, with the Tigers starting out hopeless only to improve to mediocrity and the Indians starting out bad only to improve to so-so, while the White Sox and Twins out played expectations and easily out played Detroit and Cleveland.

So let's get it right this time. We don't know who will be surprisingly injured or who might get old overnight, part of the unpredictability that makes baseball so wonderful. Ly aggravating. So no excuses. You know how old people are, you know how injury prone they are. You know who can hit, who can pitch, who can field.

Don't forget the Royals, as they're in the division too and their darkest years may be behind them. Five teams, five spots. Who will be at top, who will be at the bottom, and which runners-up will be in the race down to the end? And how many wins will it take to win the AL Central anyway? Good luck, and no taksies-backsies because you're writing in "pen".