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AN Warmly Welcomes 67Marquez to the Front Page

I just wanted to drop a note to AN and let everyone know that 67Marquez will be joining the Athletics Nation front page crew starting this week.  I can't tell you how happy this makes me because one of the things that I think could be strengthened about AN is the historical perspective.  I've been trying to improve this aspect of the site for a long, long time back to recruiting some Philadelphia Athletics fans to talk about their lifelong passion.

While Marquez doesn't go that far back, he covers the A's years in Oakland with a verve and passion unlike anyone I've seen.  We've tried to cover the statstically, humorously, practically and now, hopefully, historically.  He won't be restricted to that topic, but I know that he'll bring a missing element to what we currently have.

Please join me in giving him a warm welcome to the AN front page.  Welcome 67Marquez.  We're thrilled to have you.