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Happy Birthday, Athletics Nation!!!

Can you believe that you're already five years old today?  I mean, seriously, that's probably like a teenager in terms of a blog lifespan, right?  So do I have to worry about AN going out and using drugs with some unsavory friends now?  Or maybe caving into peer pressure and playing beer pong?

Seriously though, thank you to everyone who frequents this site and to the few of you who have been around nearly that long.  It seems like just yesterday I was starting up a blog on typepad called Athletics Nation and then when it asked me for a subhead, I called it "baseball country".  Remember that campaign?  Wow that was terrible and what was I thinking?

I also want to say thanks to Nico, baseballgirl (excellent piece on Yankee Stadium yesterday), monkeyball, louismg, Brad Ziegler, Taj Adib, notsellingjeans, grover, devo and salb for being a part of providing great content on a very consistent basis.  I still love AN as though it's my child, more than 10 million visits, more than a million comments and about 35 million page views later.  Now go do your homework or you won't get into a great college!