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Minor League Updates to go with your Monday Morning Mocha

This is the part where I usually say something funny or profound.


I got nothing.


I do have the link to one of the most popular sites on the Web today:

PUPPY CAM!!!    


Mexican Winter League


Arnold Leon has been OK but nothing special. Which the A's are perfectly fine with just as long no one tries to wear his arm off.


Dominican League


Jose Garcia’s numbers weren’t much to look at at the start of Winter baseball... and they still aren't.


Brad Kilby seems to have packed it in for the season.


Anthony Recker. Sticking with the bouncer prediction.


Pedro Figueroa. Meh.


Frank Martinez can't get playing time.


Venezuelan Baseball League


Jeff Baisley. The object is to hit the ball, Jeff.


Gregorio Petit Why does the Oakland FO hate you? A 326/375/453 line should hopefully catch him some attention.


Jesus Silva. Less than meh. Still.


Raul Padron is not playing much. He could be hurt but it's more likely his team knows he sucks.


Jesus Guzman. The A's are hoping to re-sign him as a minor league free agent. His 1.145 OPS has probably drawn some attention.


Javier Herrera. Still no clue at the plate, his uber-tools have carried him for this long though.


Rajai Davis is an interesting player, you know, for a 5th OFer.


Henry Rodriguez has 4 BB and 7 K's in 3 IP. Progress would be a good thing to see over the rest of the winter.


Matt Murton has surfaced and is sporting a 1.146 OPS in 16 at bats.


Arizona Fall League


Andrew Bailey is definitely Sac bound thanks to a 15/1 K/BB rate in 12 IP.


Andrew Carignan has 16 K's/4 BB in 11 IP. If he keeps pitching like this he'll be a River Cat next Spring.


Jeff Gray. Street's departure probably gets him a shot to make Oakland's bullpen next year.


Jared Lansford has a really bad habit of pitching horridly just before I do a write up. 3 hits and a walk in 1 IP tends to lead to multiple (in this case 2) runs.


Adrian Cardenas. This is Arizona for crying out loud, Slugging .295 is unacceptable.


Josh Donaldson. The 4 bombs are nice but a 5/22 BB/K rate in 90 at bats is a concern. Where's the guy who hit for power and walked more than he struck out in his 2007 pro debut?


Sean Doolittle. The .596 Slugging is fine and dandy, the .341 OBP is starting to look borderline.


Puerto Rican League


Tommy Everidge has begun play in the PWL. He turns 26 early next season and should be Sac's starting 1B. Setting up to be a AAAA player, he needs to hit and keep on hitting.


Hawaii Winter Baseball (Season Complete 11/16)


Corey Brown finished with a 216/294/396 line. He'll need an outstanding ST to not start back in Stockton next year. He has the tools but needs serious refinement.


Brett Hunter. Small sample size be damned. 18 K's in 9.2 IP are something to get excited about. Do the A's take the risk and put him back in the rotation next Spring?


Chris Carter didn't play after November 5th. Probably has something to do with bad poi.


Sam Demel Hawaii was too tiring for him.



And thank you for your support.