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What's the WORST thing Billy could do?

Switching gears for a moment from all the acquisitiveness lately ... we've all been arguing about what Billy should do by way of roster additions (or deaccessions) this offseason; I got to wondering about the things that he shouldn't do--and whether some of those might be some of the very moves that some folks are arguing in favor of.

Personally, I think over-committing guaranteed money to a known high injury risk (Furcal) in addition to Chavez should be on Billy's "to-don't" list. I think it would be setting us up for a couple more seasons with Hannahan and Petit/Pennington starting on the left side of the infield (which I'm not opposed to per se) while throwing away money that could otherwise have been used to acquire a bat or arm. But that's just me.

And while I'm in favor of signing Dunn, Manny, or Teixeira, some folks would say that over-committing a ton of money to a slugger who's likely to be declining (possibly dramatically) after 2 or 3 years would be a cardinal sin given the team's current situation.

Then, of course, there's the option of doing nothing at all (mitigated somewhat by the Holliday acquisition), which I think we all agree shouldn't be on the table.

(And I'm excluding the ludicrous/improbable/vomit-and-aneurysm-inducing option of "Overpay for an elite free agent closer.")

So what do y'all think? What's the one thing Billy should definitely not do this offseason?