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A's acquire Matt Holliday for who the hell knows

 Not to trample all over Taj's excellent prospect-watching story from this morning, but feel free to use this as your all-purpose "Matt Holliday traded to the A's" freak-out thread.  John Heyman files this report:

The Oakland Athletics have acquired star outfielder Matt Holliday in a trade with the Colorado Rockies, has learned.

I'm scared.  My hands are sweating.  Hold me.

Updates as they happen.

[Note by salb918, 11/10/08 2:32 PM EST ] DKNJ and TroyNeelorBust broke the news on AN first.

[Note by salb918, 11/10/08 2:35 PM EST ] Oh yeah: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

[Note by salb918, 11/10/08 2:46 PM EST ] For those of y'all that wear fanny packs, a few numbers: Holliday was 54 runs above replacement last year (52 offense, 8 fielding, -6 for position), between Brian Giles and Jose Reyes in the NL.  A quick projection gives me about +40 for offense next year (although I didn't adjust for park) and Sean Smith projects him as +8 fielding in a corner and +0 in center.  That's a good player, folks.

[Note by salb918, 11/10/08 3:03 PM EST ] Robothal reports:

Over the weekend, the teams discussed A's outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, left-hander Greg Smith and reliever Huston Street, according to one source, but it is not known if any or all of those players will be included in the package for Holliday.


The A's are not acquiring him with the intention of flipping him or even trading him in July. The team is in position to increase its payroll to as much as $80 million, and plans to contend next season.

[Note by salb918, 11/10/08 3:31 PM EST ] Yahoo's Tim Brown is reporting Street, Smith, and CarGon.

[Note by salb918, 11/10/08 4:08 PM EST ] Beat-writer extraordinaire Susan Slusser says the same

The A's are working to complete a trade with the Rockies that would bring Matt Holliday to Oakland in exchange for reliever Huston Street, starter Greg Smith and outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, major-league sources said Monday.

[Note by salb918, 11/10/08 4:10 PM EST ] Hey Geren, thanks for killing Huston's trade value last year.

[Note by salb918, 11/10/08 4:11 PM EST ] Oh yeah.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!