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Thud; The Chicago Cubs Come Crashing Down

It's a sad night.  I was rooting for Rich Harden to help the Chicago Cubs stay alive, but alas he did not help make that happen, not even getting through five innings.  I wanted the Cubs to stay alive because I truly wanted to see the North Siders end a century of frustration with a championship.  100 years is long enough for fans to wait for a championship and from all of my experiences, Cubs fans are often classy and modest.  Yeah not winning in forever will do that to a fanbase and who knows, maybe if they had won it this year they would've gone all Red Sox Nation and become a bunch of unbearable a-holes.  Yet I was willing to risk that.  Heck Al Yellon, who runs the SB Nation site Bleed Cubbie Blue, was left completely speechless for maybe the first time in his lifetime.  I poured a cold one out for my homie tonight for that one.

Instead my rooting interest now turns to the Rays and hoping that the Rays wind up winning the World Series.  How can you not love a team that goes from laughingstock to remarkable in one season?  Although it would be pretty cool to see the Red Sox wind up against the Dodgers in the World Series because nothing would drive a Sox fan more crazy than losing a World Series to Manny being Manny now, would it?  Still I don't want to see the Red Sox that close to another title.  Although I am very happy that the Boston team is laying the smack down on the Angels.

Finally, I just want to put something out there.  I completely agree with Nico that Rafael Furcal should be someone the A's take a serious look at this offseason.  He fills a definite need for them and I think he's someone who fills a gaping hole in the A's lineup at the top of the order.  I'm just saying.  And the public pressure on Frank McCourt to keep the Manny show in LA will be huge, meaning he's going to have to open up the wallet for him.  McCourt doesn't know how to do anything without a PR aspect to it, so it should leave the Dodgers strapped in terms of salary availability for anything else.  Pounce, Billy, pounce.