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Open Thread: Playoffs - Day Four

Elimination day (yes, my favorite day) for the NL today. The Phillies try to close things out against the Brewers (Methuselah Moyer vs. Bush) at 3:35 Pacific Time in Milwaukee, and the Dodgers likewise against the Cubs (Kuroda vs. Harden) at 7:05 PT in LA. Fun fact: Manny is 3/11 lifetime vs. Harden ... with 3 HRs (and 3 BBs).

I don't suppose there's any chance of seeing anything as satisfying as dor-K's Big Fail last night, and the announcing promises to be awful as usual, but it is still playoff baseball ...

A certain event just may intervene with my Internet/computer access today, so if this thread starts getting too long, someone please open up another one.