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Open Thread: Playoffs - Day Three (cont)

Comments at AN have worked out perfectly. 400 comments on the Rays' game, just in time to open a new thread for the Angels' game, after the Rays put another satisfying win on the board, and are now one game away from advancing to the ALCS.

Red Sox at Angels - 6:37PM
D. Matsuzaka v. E. Santana
Red Sox lead series 1-0
Over the Monster
Halos Heaven

If you aren't a fan of the Angels (and hello, this is AN!), the only way Game One could have been more satisfying would have been to see K-rod giving up a slam to lose the game. But errors in the field and on the bases are almost just as fun, as the Angels are poised to lose their eleventh straight post-season game against the Red Sox, and ninth overall. With a straight series loss, I think we may be able to shed the "Choke-land" moniker over at Halos Heaven; at least we won a lot of playoff games before losing the clinchers. But there is a long way to go; I would say that the despite how good Dice-K has been this year, the pitching matchup favors Santana and the Angels tonight. They are a good team; and they haven't owned the Red Sox this year only to be dispatched so easily in the playoffs...have they?