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Open Thread: Playoffs - Day Three

White Sox at Rays - 3:07PM
M. Buehrle v. S. Kazmir
Rays lead series 1-0
South Side Sox
DRays Bay

Most of AN is pulling for the Rays in the race; and despite its lousy TV schedule, I think Game One yesterday was far and away the most interesting of the playoffs so far. Between Longoria's rookie postseason performance and Balfour's amazing back-to-back strikeouts, highlighted by ordering O-Cab back to the dugout after answering his challenge, that game kept me entertained from first to last pitch. I look for more of the same today, but any way the Rays want to win is fine by me. Lineups have just been posted; looks like Pena is back and will be starting at first, and there is a reported Swisher sighting.

Red Sox at Angels - 6:37PM
D. Matsuzaka v. E. Santana
Red Sox lead series 1-0
Over the Monster
Halos Heaven

If you aren't a fan of the Angels (and hello, this is AN!), the only way Game One could have been more satisfying would have been to see K-rod giving up a slam to lose the game. But errors in the field and on the bases are almost just as fun, as the Angels are poised to lose their eleventh straight post-season game against the Red Sox, and ninth overall. With a straight series loss, I think we may be able to shed the "Choke-land" moniker over at Halos Heaven; at least we won a lot of playoff games before losing the clinchers. But there is a long way to go; I would say that the despite how good Dice-K has been this year, the pitching matchup favors Santana and the Angels tonight. They are a good team; and they haven't owned the Red Sox this year only to be dispatched so easily in the playoffs...have they?

Almost all of AN in agreement now: GO RAYS GO!