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SB Nation Launches New Mobile Sites and Postseason Hub

Big news, AN fans. If you're as obsessed with the Green and Gold as I am, you'll probably find yourself feeling disconnected from the site when you're on the go. But in the last week, SB Nation rolled out a big initiative aimed at making all its sites, AN included, optimized for mobile phones. With so many of you checking out AN on your iPhones, BlackBerries, SideKicks and other cell phones, the new interface should load much more quickly, and take you right to the stories, without making you scroll-scroll-scroll through the sidebars commonly found on the standard Web site.


The new mobile version of AN is just the first step in a series of enhancements planned to make catching up with your favorite teams on SB Nation blogs even better. While today, the mobile site doesn't yet enable you to login and add comments, future updates to the platform will undoubtedly move in this direction.


If you're at your computer, you can get a sneak preview of the new mobile interface by pointing your browser to The mobile subdomain works for other sites in the SB Nation family, with examples including and You can even go straight to fanposts for AN here:

Also new with SB Nation is a hub dedicated to following the Postseason. You might have seen the new Postseason widget on AN on the right side below Fanposts and above Fanshots. The new hub, found here:, has the latest posts from the active teams' blogs, as well as linescores of each game. It's a great one-stop page fo get caught up on what the fans of this year's postseason clubs are saying, so check it out.

Having had a long conversation yesterday with Trei Brundrett, who is leading the development team at SB Nation, I am even more excited about the future of the SB Nation platform, and you can expect many big things coming. But for now, check out the AN mobile site and the SB Nation Postseason hub. You can also keep updated through the official SB Nation blog: Blog Huddle, found here:

If you have comments on the new mobile site or Postseason hub, feel free to leave them here. I know they will see it. You can also see this announcement cross-posted to, in an effort to get the news to the masses.