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Philadelphia Phillies: 2008 World Champions

Baseballgirl may have a more comprehensive wrap forthcoming, but let me offer my congratulations to the Phillies for a Game 5 victory that took only three days. Most here picked the Rays to win, but I wasn't shocked at the result because while the Phillies were not one of baseball's best teams throughout 2008, they were very good, played better and better as the Summer wore on, and had enough starting pitching to ride on the shoulders of a deep offense and strong bullpen.

Good pitching beats good hitting, but do Brett Myers, Jamie Moyer, and Joe Blanton constitute "good pitching," or did Carlos Peña, Evan Longoria and Co. go cold at the most inopportune time? These are among the many questions to be debated in the post-mortems - which, sadly, will last for about five months.

On a more personal note, I hope AN will not "go dead" following the World Series. It's too awesome a community to "hang out with" for me to able to accept hibernation just because there aren't any actual, y'know, games happening. Stick around - we'll find stuff to talk about - and let's embrace the "O" word together: the Offseason. :-(