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Open Thread - World Series: Game 5 (cont)

Just in case you missed innings 1-5 1/2, I have "borrowed" the Gameday summary to catch everyone up. Of course, the game was re-aired this afternoon, so everyone could see baseball played underwater (I'm pretty sure The Little Mermaid was wearing a Ray's hat), but it will officially resume tonight at 5:37, tied 2-2, after Pena came up HUGE for the Rays with the last-second RBI hit. We will join the Phillies at bat in the bottom of the sixth inning.

The Rays had already activated their 'pen, but the Phillies had their ace on the mound (Hamels finished six innings with 75 pitches), and his spot is first up to bat. I can only assume that the Phillies pinch-hit, go to the bullpen, and use Hamels for a possible Game 7 on Friday. (Game 6, if necessary, will be played tomorrow night in the not-looking-like-such-a-bad-idea Dome in Tampa Bay.) Game time temp will be about 40 degrees with a wind-chill making it about 10 degrees colder.

Game scoring summary so far:

Bottom of the first:
Rollins flies out.
Werth walks.
Utley HBP.
Howard K's.
Burrell walks.
Victorino singles. 2-0 Phillies.

Top of the fourth:
Upton grounds out.
Pena doubles.
Longoria singles. 2-1 Phillies.

Top of the sixth:
Iwamura K's.
Crawford grounds out.
Upton singles
Upton steals second base.
Pena singles. 2-2, game tied.

Lineups where we left off:

Iwamura, 2B
Crawford, LF
Upton, CF
Pena, 1B
Longoria, 3B
Navarro, C **the top of the seventh inning will start here**
Baldelli, RF
Bartlett, SS
Balfour, P

Rollins, SS
Werth, RF
Utley, 2B
Howard, 1B
Burrell, LF
Victorino, CF
Feliz, 3B
Ruiz, C
Hamels, P **the bottom of the sixth will start here**

And after all that, I think we should get some more baseball.