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Open Thread: World Series Game 5 - Rays @ Phillies

The Phillies find themselves at home with a 3-1 series lead, with their best pitcher on the mound and a chance to secure their first World Series title since 1980.  The weather forecast is calling for a chance of light rain, with winds and temperatures in the mid-40s. This is all adds up to some of the most favorable homefield conditions the Phillies can ever expect.

It's Hamels versus Kazmir...will it be the Phillies vanquishing the young upstarts? Or will it be the start of an epic comeback from the young guns, who will attempt to bring the series back to Tampa for at least one more game? Who knows...but that's why we watch the games...


1. A. Iwamura, 2B J. Rollins, SS
2. C. Crawford, LF J. Werth, RF
3. B. Upton, CF C. Utley, 2B
4. C. Pena, 1B R. Howard, 1B
5. E. Longoria, 3B P. Burrell, LF
6. D. Navarro, C S. Victorino, CF
7. R. Baldelli, RF P. Feliz, 3B
8. J. Bartlett, SS C. Ruiz, C
9. S. Kazmir, P C. Hamels, P