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World Series: Game 4 - Open Thread

It might be true that the ratings whores in the corporate offices of major league baseball and the Fox News Corporation are not at all thrilled by the World Series at-hand, however, for us fans it's been great entertainment so far.

The Phils, fresh off an exciting, late-night Game 3 win, will look to take a commanding 3-1 series lead and possibly set themselves up to win it all at home tomorrow if everything breaks right tonight.

Former Athletic Joe "Cupcakes" Blanton will take the hill for Philadelphia tonight. It's a little weird seeing a drafted and developed Oakland player like Blanton pitch with another jersey on, but I'm glad for him and also somewhat pleased that his trade has worked out fairly well for both Oakland and Philadelphia. Joe was nothing special in the regular season for either Oakland or Philly, however he has pitched well in two post-season starts so far for his new team. He's gone a total of 11 innings, struck out 11, walked 4, won 1 game and has a total ERA of 3.27.  Those are some pretty good numbers for a guy without overpowering stuff.

So tonight, just for sentimental Blantonian reasons, I'll be rooting for the Phillies. Although, I wouldn't mind a Rays' win either, as long as the game is close and well-played, just as every game so far in this series has been.