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Open Thread: World Series Game 3: Rays at Phillies

Just to keep folks updated, Game Three of the World Series will be delayed by rain at the start but the prevailing sentiment is that the rain is letting up, the field drains well, the powers that bud would rather start later than be interrupted in the middle, and they expect to play baseball tonight in Philadelphia - but not starting on time.

So in true AN fashion, please start commenting, beginning with baseball and then transitioning gradually (or suddenly) into a strange mish-mash of discourse including - but not limited to - unicorns, porn, corn, scorned unicorns eating corn in porn, and possibly Bjorn Borg.

The Starting Lineups for when we start:

Iwamura - 2B
Upton - CF
Peña - 1B
Longoria - 3B
Crawford - LF
Navarro - C
Gross - RF
Bartlett - SS
Garza - P

Rollins - SS
Werth - RF
Utley - 2B
Howard - 1B
Burrell - LF
Victorino - CF
Feliz - 3B
Ruiz - C
Moyer - P

UPDATE (6:25pm PDT): First pitch is scheduled for around 7:00pm PDT. It is believed that Jamie Moyer will be able to stay awake late enough to still make the start.