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Mark Ellis Re-Signs with the Oakland A's

Well folks, your gold glove caliber (robbed of the award several times) second baseman and oft-times unicorn has returned to the fold.  I think the only reason that the A's were able to secure such a short deal, apparently it's only two years with an option for a third, and relatively cheaply ($10-11 mil guaranteed for the first two seasons) is because Ellis got injured.  I'm just hoping it isn't a Jermaine Dye-kind of situation.  I know, I know, Ellis didn't shatter his bone in his leg, but Ellis had shoulder issues and that can be huge for someone who plays such a smooth, error-free second base.

Ellis isn't exactly an awesome force offensively, but that's fine.  He does provide some offense when healthy.  I mean he's a patient hitter who provides occasional pop.  Hell, the A's had him lead off for a while.  Course that's more of a reflection of the A's lack of a capable leadoff hitter than Ellis' skills with the bat, but it does say that they think that he could at least work a count capably.

I like the deal.  The A's didn't have any very obvious replacements except maybe Cardenas and he probably won't be fully ready until Ellis' deal is up.

I just hope his shoulder is better and he comes through things better than Dye did at the time.