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Open Thread: ALCS Game Three

Following games at Tampa Bay with final scores of 2-0 and 9-8, it's unclear what it will take to go up in this series that is currently tied one win a piece. Jon Lester, arguably Boston's best starting pitcher, gets the call against Matt Garza, who has the stuff but can be erratic - especially in the fourth inning, which has been his personal Waterloo this season.

First pitch is at 1:37pm PDT. The starting lineups:

Iwamura - 2B
Upton - CF
Pena - 1B
Longoria - 3B
Crawford - LF
Aybar - DH
Navarro - C
Baldelli - RF
Bartlett - SS

Ellsbury - CF
Pedroia - 2B
Ortiz - DH
Youkilis - 3B
Drew - RF
Bay - LF
Kotsay - 1B
Varitek - C
Cora - SS