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Is It March Yet? Is It March Yet? Is It March Yet?

Well, as the countdown to Spring Training chugs rather merrily along (tickets and flights already purchased!), we find ourselves looking for more and more distractions to keep us from running our new acquisitions’ minor league numbers for the umpteenth time, or discussing the pros and cons of Barry Bonds in green and gold or Roger Clemens’ last-ditch effort to not end up Mark McGwire. This off-season is especially hard, since we don’t even have the comfort of our beloved television shows, save for American Idol and Lost--which, incidentally, I am immersed in Season 3 of the latter in my effort to catch up by Season 4, at which time I will review each and every DLD from last season to see what I missed from the great minds here at AN.

That rambling paragraph was brought to you by the letters, "S & T", obviously standing for spoiler tags.

Now where was I: oh yes, distractions! Did anyone happen to see the Warriors’ game the other night? That has something to do with A’s baseball, right? Shared parking lot? Anyway, while not really a basketball fan, save for some Lakers-mania a few years ago, I have to admit there is nothing much more entertaining in the Bay Area right now than this team. Good opponent, bad opponent; the Warriors will make a game of it; drawing it out to the last tick of the clock or beyond, as in Monday night’s thrilling overtime win. They play the red-hot Trailblazers tonight in Portland at 7, if you are lucky enough to have it televised.

But on the docket for the weekend is the big guns of football; four powerhouse teams--all slated to win--in their first round of playoff glory. Anyway, while not really a football fan, I miss cheering for something! And after my trip to Lambeau Field this year (photos available on request), when Favre tied the touchdown record, I must admit I’ve may have uttered "Go Pack Go" once or twice since. For practical reasons, of course; my whole wardrobe is already green and gold!

Using the real time zone:


1:30 pm: Seattle at Green Bay
5:00 pm: Jacksonville at New England


10:00 am: San Diego at Indianapolis
1:30 pm: NY Giants at Dallas

And if you don’t like basketball, football, the Hall of Fame selection committee, American Idol, Lost, baseballgirl’s ramblings, OR Wednesdays, I guess you can discuss puppies in the comments below.