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AN's New Fan Favorite

Well, we still have the Unicorn Power to cheer for, as Mark Ellis is our second baseman (until next week's trade), but the new faces have given us an opportunity to add another favorite player.

Based on style, performance, what you've seen of their personality (if you know of them), who do you think will be a fan favorite for 2008?

My vote is the same as last year: Travis Buck. This kid exhibits enough of what we liked in Eric Byrnes to be fun, and has the potential to be a really good baseball player. Buck seems like he'd be fun both on and off the field, and I can see it not taking much to cheer for him. Due to his injury-shortened season last year, we didn't really get a chance to see all he can do, but I'm hoping this year is different.

Go Buck!!

What do you think?