Ratto wonders if Swisher trade means Bonds IS coming

So somewhere in the 609-comment Swisher thread, there's a link to a strangely-abbreviated Ray Ratto column. However, while AN did get the chance to weigh in on RR's latest bold prediction, I think we all missed Ratto's latest ponderous musings:  Until now.

This is about how Billy Beane has traded his way into needing a drawing card just to make the 90 losses seem more palatable, and how his ongoing fascination with Bonds may just get the better of him at last.

So, feel free to use this thread to discuss the desirability of Bonds. Or hell, use it as a link dump, since that's what it was in its original rendition, which went more or less as follows:

Presumably because he's jealous of his fellow snark-peddler's higher salary, monkeyball linked to the column in manner that I'd say was sarcastically dismissive of the author.  

Ray Ratto's legions of fans were outraged.

Ratto's SF Gate column essentially exists only to make a prediction similar to Ratto's infamous 63-win prediction of 2004--probably just to get a rise out of AN.  

However, his CBS Sportsline column flew right under the radar here: it is a discussion of how the Swisher trade might make a Bonds acquisition more likely.

Yes, Ratto did argue essentially the opposite one month ago. So, you know, off with his head.  Down with Ratto!  Huzzah!